South of Market Condo

San Francisco is a tapestry of cultures, styles, and occupations, with each neighborhood providing its own outstanding features and charm. No area is more bustling or vibrant than the very popular district known as SoMa. Named for its location south of Market Street, this area has traditionally been home to the arts community, and could be considered San Francisco’s answer to NYC’s Soho. SoMa holds the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, which presents visual and performing arts. Along with these major centers, there are dozens of smaller galleries and related shops in the district. San Francisco realtors would recommend a South of Market condo to buyers looking for upscale living right in the heart of the city’s cultural life.

Another attractive feature of the SoMa area is the excellent public transit.  This neighborhood is the best-connected in San Francisco, with quick access to both the BART and Metro Muni trains at 5 area stations. Although South of Market condo buildings offer covered tenant parking, it is quite possible to live happily here without owning a car, and never miss it. These homes epitomize urban convenience and sophistication.

South of Market New Condos for Sale 

Discovering just the right neighborhood is an exciting part of the home search. A South of Market condo may be the perfect match for some clients, while others may be happier in another district.  As a lifelong city resident, Daniel DerVartanian can promptly answer any questions on San Francisco real estate, from complex finance and legal questions to the seller’s asking, “What’s my home worth?”  His record demonstrates his commitment to discreet, energetic, and personal service to his distinguished clients, and his enthusiasm for his hometown shows. Connect with him today to get started and to explore all that SoMa has to offer!

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