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What Is a Smart Home, and Is It a Smart Investment?

finger print scanner door lockExperts agree: technology can be a major selling point in today’s real estate marketplace. In fact, a recent article in the Wall Street Journal says pricey new futuristic features are becoming the norm when it comes to luxury real estate.

intelligent mirrorWhat is a smart home? Imagine an app that notifies you when visitors arrive and deliveries are made, a virtual or “intelligent mirror” that lets you try on virtual outfits, a smart toilet where you can heat the seat and control the lighting through your smart phone, a “Biometric Safe” that locks money and valuables via a fingerprint scanner, a front door that locks and unlocks through a fingerprint scanner, “Robotic Parking” where valet parking is summoned via text messaging, or an interactive home office.

Smart toiletToday, luxury homeowners and buyers do not need to imagine ultra smart home technology; they can enjoy it! Luxury developers and homeowners are embracing futuristic features that go far beyond iPad-controlled window shades. Take the Control 4 home-automation system that allows homeowners to control lighting, climate, music and garage doors through their cell phone. (BTW, learning to use it required about a half-hour training session with the installer.)

Biometric safe“The ultrahigh-net-worth people didn’t embrace smartphones as quickly as the younger generation did. But now they’re very comfortable with those devices and they want to be able to turn on the spa when they are landing their private plane,” says Eric Thies, founding partner of VIA, a national home-technology installation company.

The popularity of ultra home-automation systems has Robotic parkingbecome increasingly valuable today because the demographic of buyers for high-end homes has become younger. Check out my previous blog about smart kitchens that feature a number of high-tech home appliances including refrigerators, ovens and washing machines with a simple text or talk from your smartphone. The idea is you’d be able to text your fridge and ask if you were out of milk before stopping at the store on your way home. The future even includes smart appliances that talk to one another.

In other words . . . What is a smart home? A savvy investment for home owners and buyers.

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