balcony urban garden

San Francisco’s urban garden movement

balcony urban gardenThe urban garden movement is growing in San Francisco. City dwellers here are discovering new and innovative ways to bring the outside in by urban gardening. Even if you live in a high rise, lacking a backyard or spacious patio, you can still transform your balcony, window sill or just about any space into your own oasis featuring fresh flowers, herbs and even fruits and vegetables.

The first step is to set up your space. Start by considering how much room you have and pay close attention to the available lighting. From there, you can determine what kinds of plants to grow. If you are lucky enough to have some outside space or even a roof-top, then the sky’s the limit!

There are many articles on-line with amazing ideas on urban gardening like this one. I particularly like the idea of using mason jars as planters and shipping pallets for extra vertical storage. You will also find info on potential plants that will grow well in an urban setting. One thing I noticed when researching this blog was the importance of lighting in your urban garden.

Those city dwellers with absolutely no room for a garden of their own, can still get their hands dirty thanks to the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department’s Community Gardens Program. Check here on the “Join an Existing Garden” page to locate a garden that’s growing on city-owned land, and apply for membership (the process often involves a waiting list). If there is no existing community garden near-by, you can start a new community garden. Or, contact other public agencies and private property owners who spearhead community garden sites throughout the city. Here’s a list of San Francisco community gardens.

If you are looking for a residence that is inspiringly beautiful and has space for your own urban garden, please contact me via email at or give me a call at (415) 200-7744. In the meantime, be sure to check my website.